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gross, blog rants about feelings.
 I really hate that my mood dictates my personality. I mean, I seriously go from having  what you could consider a seemingly  "uplifting presence" where I'm all smiles, find the humor in anything, and converse enthusiastically. Other times I'm not so lucky. Paralyzed by anxiety, super reserved, and spacey.
  My best friend has the audacity to bring this up during our occasional disagreements, you know, as if it's intentional or something. I know she just wants me to be happy, but it's something that is beyond my control. What's going on where I really can't decide which Megan I am going to be for the day? (ew, speaking in third person bugs the shit out of me) All I can do is be a good sport, which isn't always successful.

But hey, thus far:

Today was a good day. Uhhhhh.


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